The Top 10 Benefits of Joining Us


Las Vegas has grown over the years which means more homes to sell and buy. 

We are aware here at Show Vegas that many agents are looking for a brokerage that will support their needs.

Show Vegas wants and will take you to a new level. 

Only We will teach you to not rely on leads. 

We want to empower you to have the confidence needed to be successful in the industry. 

We will be able to use “Ultimate Life Tool” a human assessment program to be able to find a niche for you to thrive in.

There are many reasons to join us here at our New Age office which are listed below:


1. Perfect Central Location: Sahara/Buffalo

7207 W. Sahara Suite 125

Las Vegas, NV 89117

2. You receive 100% of the commission of your sell

We believe you deserve what you worked so hard for 

3. In-House Transaction Coordinator 

The TC will be able to coordinate the sale for you

4. Weekly Training with Broker

Every Monday!

5. Under 50 Agents - More Personal Help

We offer a more boutique-style environment. You will never be a number to us.

6. Personal Broker Support

Need to meet with the broker? Need training? Inessa will be there. 

7. $675 Transaction - E&0 Included

8. New Age Office Environment

9. Office Equipment Use including desk space

10. Cater to High-End Local and Global clients


We at Show Vegas would love to have you. Want to schedule a meeting with a broker? Or want to speak more in-depth?  Please call or text us at 702-505-3233. 


Join Show Vegas Realty

Show Vegas Realty is a Boutique Real Estate brokerage and consulting firm centrally located on West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm was founded in 2011 by Inessa Shahinyan, Managing Broker and Chief Executive Officer Realtor since 2006. 

Show Vegas Realty specializes in providing a boutique real estate experience. The company operates with individualized customer service in mind; anything is possible with their full-service attention to detail. The company caters to a high-end clientele, many of which are international. Show Vegas Realty can communicate with English, Spanish, Hebrew, Armenian, and Russian-speaking buyers and sellers. 

Drawing upon the Founder's charismatic personality, Show Vegas Realty is a brokerage that feels like family. The company is proud to have an impressive retention record. Seasoned real estate agents join Inessa’s firm because of the time, care, and commitment she puts into the business year after year. The positive energy at Show Vegas realty is contagious and bound to make you smile!

Show Vegas Realty offers each agent an extremely generous package:

  • One-on-One weekly coaching available

  • NO desk fee

  • Agents keep 100% of their commission - Same-day Pay 

  • $675 transaction fee E&O Insurance is included

  • In-House Transaction Coordinator 

  • $125 Monthly Office fee - get 24/7 access: Printer, Computer, Wi-Fi, Conference Room 

  • Weekly "POWER MEETINGS" and Coaching 

  • Free email-Blast on Listings 

  • Free one-on-one real estate coaching using the Ultimate Life Tool

  • New agent training weekly 

The personalized coaching from Broker/Owner Inessa Shahinyan offers agents an extremely lucrative asset to grow their business substantially. Agents are encouraged to participate in the weekly Boot Camp where tough topics are explored, and best practices are explained in detail by Inessa and her amazing office manager Graeme Latta. Yearly, the firm throws a client party, where agents have the opportunity to invite their professional circle. The annual gala is a night filled with laughter, music, great food, and of course a perfect environment for networking.

Take your real estate career to a higher level by joining Show Vegas Realty, the perfect place to make all your professional dreams a reality. 

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