One of the things that Las Vegas is most famous for is the bright lights. This museum is where old Vegas neon signs come to retire. It was started in 1996 at a different location and grew into a site which collects, preserves and exhibits the iconic signs. The site includes the outdoor “Neon Boneyard”, a visitor’s center in the former Concha Motel lobby and the Neon Boneyard North Gallery. 

The Visitors Center is in the unique shell-shaped building of the Concha Motel. The motel was originally built in 1961 on Las Vegas Blvd. but in 2005 it was earmarked for demolition. The lobby was saved and relocated to be used as the Visitors Center. Many of the original interior design elements have remained and it is a great example of Paul Revere Williams’ mid-century modern architecture.

Tours are given of the Boneyard which holds almost 150 signs, through the signs you can trace the history of Las Vegas and learn about the colorful personalities which built the city. It is also possible to see how sign making and technology changed over the years.

Some of the most famous signs date back to the 1930s and include signs from Caesars Palace, the Golden Nugget and the iconic Binion’s Horseshoe and the Stardust sign. On the tour you can see the sighs from a distance to appreciate their impact and also get up close.

In the Neon Boneyard North Gallery there are 60 more signs including Lady Luck, O’Shea’s, New-New York and the Palm Casino Resort sign. The North Gallery is a popular venue for weddings and events. The North Gallery is not open to the general public but the Visitors Center and the Boneyard. There is also a nighttime Boneyard tour where some of the signs are lit up. 

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