1. Determine the Size of the House

If you know what size house you want, that is a great start because it would be easier to pick a house. A Family with 2 kids would want 3-4 bedrooms and bathrooms so its easier on everyone when they are in a hurry. Also Sometimes kids can share rooms if there are two girls or two boys. Finding what fits your family is essential in being comfortable in your new home. 

2. Location

Where do you want to move to? What Part of Town sparks your eye? Have to take in consideration that the kids have to go to a school, how they are going to get to school and also what the demographics are of the school. Is it close to your Workplace? You are going to be driving to work everyday, what routes will you take? When your job is closer to your workplace, it makes things a lot easier. Also try to see if your new home is close to shopping centers and things that you need on the daily basis. 

3. Future Expansion

Does your new home have a big land? Having a big land can be essential when you are trying to increase the size of your home. Does your home have storage space? Having storage space can also be great when you are looking to add a kid’s room or create a play area. 

4. Long Term Home Buyer

Do you See Your Family living in the home for a long time? Your Neighborhood is going to be where your kids grow up, where you will create memories with your family. Its going to define those moments. It is important to look at these things long term so one day you will look back and be satisfied with your decision.  

5. Can You Afford It? 

One of the Most Important things is affordability. Take in consideration all the costs that come with purchasing a new home and moving into a new neighborhood. Kids classes, Extracurricular activities and many other expenses that come up when you actually move in. Your home has to be affordable for you.