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Keep your license and enjoy passive income

Show Vegas Park & Refer is a license hanging and referral brokerage that is designed to minimize reoccurring fees yet maintain active license status. The brokerage maintains some of the highest referral splits in the country. Applicants are encouraged to review the broker agreements below and join the brokerage accordingly.

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Who is Show Vegas Park & Refer designed for:

  • Retiring Agents
  • Agents who are changing careers
  • Agents moving to another state
  • Agents just taking a break
  • New Agents not yet ready to engage in active sales
  • Any agent who doesn’t want to throw away their valuable license
  • Agents taking Maternity leave
  • Agents wanting to save money on MLS fees

So many great benefits:

  • Keep earning with your active real estate license by referring or working with builders
  • Own commission on your own personal transactions
  • Keep your professional and tax deductible status.
  • Get $25 for every agent you bring to the program.
  • No MLS fees
  • No office fees
  • Virtual office
  • No meetings

Your license is a money-making machine, don’t let it go!

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Centrally Located Office


  • You can attend weekly Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring classes.
  • You can attend weekly training and information-sharing meetings.
  • You can bring your clients to the office and use all the facilities, amenities, and resources.

Just $500 for Life OR $250 per year

Commission Structure & Referral Fees

Option 1:
New Home Build = 80%
Option 2:
In house Referral 30%
Option 3:
Referral to other Brokerage,
$875 Transaction fee

Addendum – Clarification for commission structure 

and referral fee


Exhibit Designed to complement the Show Vegas Park & Refer Licensee Contract


Section 1 – 

Any licensee who hangs their Nevada Real Estate license under the Show Vegas Park & Refers Brokerage name may participate in New home sales or refer outside of the Show Vegas Park & Refer referral network. Brokerage will pay licensee 80% of the total commission received by the brokerage as a direct result of a said new home sale or outside referral. This section only applies to New Home sales. 


Section 2 – 

Should the licensee elect to receive a referral fee wherein the referral was administered through the in-house referral network and the brokerage did designate the licensee of record for the transaction, the brokerage will pay 30% of any commission received. There will be 875$ transaction fee, no transaction coordinator fee and no office fee. 


Section 3 – 

Should the licensee elect to receive a referral fee wherein the referral was administered through an outside agency’s referral network, the licensee will be charged an $875 transaction fee. There will be no further fees applied.



By signing below, the Show Vegas Park & Refer licensee has reviewed and understands the information supplied in this addendum. 


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We have eliminated the barriers so you can easily make passive income off the license you worked so hard for! It’s a “no-brainer” – you have it, use it!

Keep your professional status & real estate license active at a low cost – simple, professional, and high-ROI. The potential return on investment (ROI) far outweighs our low membership fee, with the average referral commission.

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