Park & Refer: The Importance of Knowing your Options


Have you ever been told that if you are not working to just inactivate your license? There is another option, Park & Refer. The average agent is unaware of the option in which they can still refer a client to another agent and earn 30% of the commission. Is that not awesome? You can stay in the industry but also have free-time away from real estate!


Park & Refer can be an option for agents who are:

  • Changing Careers
  • Moving States
  • Needing a Break
  • Retiring
  • Maternity Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Wanting to Save Money on MLS costs
  • Or agents who want to just refer!


The option is open to all agents. Not all brokerages have a Park & Refer program but many do. You can ask your current brokerage to see if they offer.  If they do not, you can move your license to a brokerage who has a referral program. You are never stuck!


Currently at Show Vegas, we offer an extraordinary park & refer program. There is no office fee, no MLS fees, a virtual office, and keep your tax deductible status. The cost with us is $250 per year (or $18 per month). We also include training for if you ever want to move out of referral. We are always ready to help and tailor our service to your needs!